Austin Race Report & Update from MA

Posted on June 4, 2009


Hi all, sorry for not posting this sooner – here is the link to my latest race report from the ITU Austin Continental Cup. The race  did not go my way, and I came away with a 6th place finish after being ranked 3rd going into the event. It could’ve been much worse though – there was a nasty bike pileup right next to me with a few K to go that took out a few of my good friends and former teammates. I expended too much energy on the bike and found that my legs were zapped by the time I got onto the run. I went into damage control mode as I shuffled along trying to salvage ITU points and hold off a few athletes who were closing in on me. Like I said, it could’ve been worse, so I can’t be too disappointed. Last year at this time I hadn’t even finished an ITU race because of mechanical problems in Mazatlan and then getting hypothermia at Worlds.

I’m now back home in Lowell, MA and have begun an intense training block leading up to the Washington DC and HyVee ITU races. This will probably be my toughest block of training in the whole year. After this I’ll be racing quite frequently, traveling to Europe for most of July, and most likely preparing to race at the ITU Grand Final in Gold Coast, Australia. I’m sure the next 3 months will be an adventurous blur as I travel and race all over the world!

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