West Coast Excursion (I needed the frequent flier miles)

Posted on November 17, 2009


hmmm... which Blue to take...

For the next 6 days I’m going to be escaping the dropping temperatures of the Northeast and soaking up some rays out in Chula Vista, CA at the Olympic Training Center. Highs are expected to be in the low-70s and I’m pumped to be able to get my bike off the trainer and onto the road for several days. I’ll return home on Monday to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Connecticut. It’s a short trip but it’ll definitely be worth it – partly because of tortilla chips and beer at Miguel’s – but also because of what a great training location Chula is. Tens of miles of packed-dirt trails, awesome climbs up Honey Springs and access to a top-notch sports-medicine staff are just a few of the great opportunities available.

Me running at the OTC earlier this year

On USADA (should be called USADuuuuh)

I’ve expressed frustration before about an inability on the part of the US Anti-Doping Agency to provide a whereabouts system for athletes that is practical and easy to update. The system they currently have on their web site is an incredibly complex pain. Providing an hour time slot each day for the next 3 months is no easy task, and it’s certainly not made any easier by having to go around in circles adding new locations and competitions and making sure nothing “overlaps”. On top of that, I’ve gotten “Service temporarily unavailable” messages when trying to access their web site. I commend USADA on coming out with a whereabouts-application for ipods and iphones, but when I tried using it last night before I went to bed I kept getting an error message. They still have lots of bugs to fix. You’d think with all the innovative technology out there right now – facebook, twitter, etc. – they’d get some good ideas and learn a thing or two about an easy-to-navigate interface.


I’m currently working out sponsorships for 2010. This past year I had the pleasure of working with Saucony, PowerBar, FuelBelt, Blue, Zipp, Speedo, SRAM, and Rudy Project. They all provided top-of-the-line products and great support.  On a local level, Team Psycho has provided instrumental support for me. They’re a great group of athletes who genuinely love this sport and want to support the next generation of local stars. Gold’s Gym and the Lowell YMCA also hooked me up with free facility access all year, which was key. I’ve been putting in the yards at the YMCA pool for 17 years now (since I was 7)! Although now a days I’m a bit faster than my 8 & under Y record of 18.36 seconds in the 25 yard-backstroke 😉

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