Update from Chula-V

Posted on November 23, 2009


View from my balcony

Today was my last full day in Chula Vista. The six days I spent out here definitely went by way too fast. The weather was perfect – low-70s and not a cloud in the sky. I forgot how much I love doing all the great climbs and hilly trail runs around here, and the omelets at breakfast were even better than I remembered! I got some awesome training in this weekend – a 3+ hour ride on Saturday with some epic climbing and a hilly 13 mile run on the trails on Sunday. I’m excited to come back out here for next year’s spring training camp.

This is the site where they're planning to build more dorms

I would’ve stayed out here longer but couldn’t get an extension because of a rugby camp that was coming in over Thanksgiving. One of the interns here told me that the OTC was currently “at capacity”. Well… it’s odd then that I had a whole sweet to myself – two rooms & common area (each room sleeps two). The first night I split the sweet with a doctor from Sweden, but he left the next day. Jen had the same setup. So that’s at least 6 people under capacity that we know of…

Whoa looks a bit crowded in there!

Whoa looks a bit crowded in there!

2010 Plans

I’ve begun nailing down a racing schedule for next year and also making some plans for warm weather training camps. I’m going to try something new next year – I’m tentatively planning on going out to Tucson for the first part of 2010 before coming back to Chula Vista (for what will be my 3rd annual spring training camp). In Tucson I’ll be training with my buddy Doug (who just had a 23 minute PR at IM Arizona today – 9:32). From everything I’ve heard Tucson is an awesome place to train. Good trails, tough climbs, and drivers that respect cyclists. The condo that we’re potentially renting looks pretty awesome too. As far as racing goes, I’m going to continue to focus on ITU WCS races. However, this year I’m going to hit up some of the big US non-draft races – mostly Olympics, perhaps Alcatraz… And as always you’ll definitely see me tearing up the local New England tri-scene 🙂

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