Dialing in my TT Position at Fit Werx

Posted on January 25, 2010


While my ITU season is already underway, I’m also looking forward to dabbling in some big non-draft races this year. I’m planning on racing St. Anthony’s in April, a couple of Bill Burnett’s Commonwealth Triathlon Series races this summer, and most likely the Chicago Triathlon in August. I’m pretty pumped about St. Anthony’s; every year it has one of the most competitive non-draft fields in the world, and it’s just one of those classic races that every pro “has” to do sometime in their career. In preparing for these races, I went to Fit Werx last month to refine my TT position. I was fit by Dean Phillips; normally Dean is my main competition at local races, but last month he was on my side as he helped me out in a very detailed 3-hour fit session.

Dean Phillips

The main goal of the fit was to get as aero as possible without sacrificing any power or run speed. I was willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort to achieve this. I only have to be in this position for an hour max on race day – if I were to move up in distance I’d then let comfort play a bigger role in my fit. The first thing Dean did was get my back as straight as possible while making sure my knee, hip, and arm angles were still in a position that would allow for maximal power output. Next, we went over optimal head position and hand position on the aerobars. Things were starting to look pretty good at that point. Dean was monitoring all my angles using a computer program known as “Dartfish”. It was a meticulous process – tweak something very minor, see how it felt riding, and make sure all my angles were still within an ideal range.

Before & After

After a while we had dialed in a very solid fit. It was comfortable and aerodynamic, but we felt that there was still room to improve. Dean has done years and years of field testing with all kinds of different positions and has collected a whole host of data on what works. For guys with my body type, he suggested that we try moving my aerobars a bit higher and farther forward, in effect giving me a “stretched out” front end. After fiddling with this for a while we finally found an ideal position. It was pretty comfortable and should be much faster on the road. Also, it won’t compromise power output or run speed. I can’t wait to get out on my TT bike and test it out. It was awesome to work with someone with as much expertise as Dean, and I’m excited to post some blazing bike splits in 2010!

Stretched Out

In very related news, I’m excited to announce that Fit Werx will be a sponsor for 2010! Not only can Fit Werx offer some of the best bike fits in New England, they have a great staff that genuinely loves the sport of triathlon and has a wealth of knowledge to offer. Fit Werx has already given me a lot of support over the past few months and I’m excited to represent them this season. Thank you!

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