Pics from Mooloolaba WC & Update from Noosa

Posted on April 2, 2010


I’ve been here in Noosa for the past 6 days, and I have to say — I absolutely love it. Noosa has jumped way up on my list for possible winter training locations in 2011. I’m at this camp with fellow Americans Kevin Collington, Jasmine Oenik, Jill Peterson, Chris Foster, and USAT high performance director Scott Schnitzpahn. After the Mooloolaba race we rode our bikes the 25 miles up to Noosa – it was a scenic route along the coast. Scott rode sag in the van with all our luggage. We’re staying at the Sunseeker Lodge. Our next door neighbors are Canadians Kirsten Sweetland and Kathy Tremblay. Noosa is the unofficial capitol of ITU triathlon. I’ve seen the Bennett’s strolling around, Gomez at the pool, some French, Swiss, and Dutch athletes. The cafes in Sunshine Beach are amazing. All of us spend massive amounts of time there drinking too much coffee and relaxing.

After the Mooloolaba race I was pretty frustrated with myself. There was a massive gap in my running performance indicators and my actual performances. This was due to nutritional issues during the race. On Tuesday of this week I did a race simulation to try to solve this problem. I did my pre-race carbo-load the day before, I ate very light the morning of the race sim, and I had my pre-race meal 2.5 hours before. I cut out a couple gels that I normally have leading up to a race. The simulation involved me riding out-and-back on this road like 20 times, sprinting out of the turn arounds and then holding a strong pace in between. The overall effort was actually harder than a race! I worked on my new fueling place, and I also tried stretching out my stomach the best I could while I was on the bike. Then I transitioned into my racing flats and ran about 2k at race pace. No issues. It certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I was able to run at 5:10 pace off the bike without my stomach feeling like it was limiting me. I’ll take this nutrition plan into Sydney and hopefully won’t run into any issues.

Mooloolaba Word Cup Pics

"American Ethan Brown leads the chase pack"

At times our pack was absolutely useless -- the "I'm not going to pull" collective action problem...

Ethan's Meltdown.

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