The Latest: Sydney WCS & St. Anthony's Triathlon

Posted on April 30, 2010


I’ve been a busy man lately racing and traveling all over the U.S. and World. On April 11th I raced the first WCS race of the season in beautiful Sydney, Australia. After having a solid swim and bridging up to the front pack on the bike I crashed while making a left turn on some slick blue carpeting. I was only 5k into the bike. To be honest, it happened so quickly I’m not even sure what exactly happened – I think I took the turn pretty fast and bumped into the guy in front of me who was going a bit slower. After that I fishtailed and clipped the fence sending me down. I landed pretty hard on my hip and back and was completely disoriented for a couple minutes. I slowly got back on my bike and continued, but by this time I had lost 3 minutes and my front wheel was so out of true that the brakes were rubbing, so I ultimately had to pull out. Not a great start to the WCS season, but I’ll get a second chance on May 8th in Seoul, South Korea.

After getting back to the U.S. and getting a brand new (awesome) Parlee TT bike, I had to get ready to race triathlon’s Spring Classic: the St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, FL. I only had about a week to train on the new TT bike, and I think my inexperience in the different position showed. I had a solid swim, exiting the water with a who’s who in triathlon – Greg Bennett and Craig Alexander. As soon as we got out on the bike those guys pretty easily rode away from me. I chased hard for 15 minutes but backed off to avoid blowing up in the later stages of the race. I simply didn’t ride well – I made a couple stupid mistakes and ultimately came off the bike in 12th position. I could only manage an average 33:16 10k and just caught one person. I finished 11th place, the worst position — prize money goes 10 deep. Although it wasn’t a great day, this has been my best race of the season so far. No crashes, no nutritional difficulties, but nothing spectacular. For now I’ll continue with my current training block and hope to pop off a good one in Seoul.


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