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Posted on July 19, 2010


I gotta start updating thing thing again. Let’s start with some racing:

June 26th. ITU Coteau-du-Lac Continental Cup: (2nd place)
Race Report here. (on

July 11th. ITU Holten World Cup. (47th place)
This was a tough one. Holten, Netherlands was hot as hell that day. 95 degrees and humid made for a tough race. I hade a decent swim and quickly was able to bridge up to a pack led by Renaldo Colucci of Brazil. And when you’re in a pack led by Colucci, you know that you’re going to get to the front. We bridged up to the lead group, and then the pace slowed considerably. On the 2nd lap we were going over a section of cobbles. My bottle popped out of my cage. When you have a sweat rate as high as I do, that’s not a good thing. I got down one bottle but was way short on my fluids. Eventually another large pack bridged up to us and we became one massive, 60-man pack. I was in the back focusing on conserving as much energy as possible. I got off the bike at the end of this giant pack and began flying by guys. It was like someone had pressed a fast forward button on me. I passed over 30 guys and was moving in on the top-15 by the end of the first lap. Then I simply blew up. Someone hit “rewind” on me this time and I watched, 1 by 1, everyone I had passed pass me back. Severe dehydration set in. I had awful side stitches. I jogged it in for 47th place.

July 18th. New York City Triathlon (5th place)

Official Race Report

This past weekend I raced the New York City Triathlon. It was my first time doing this race and quite an experience. My day began at 3:00 AM when I arose to eat my pre-race breakfast before our 5:50 AM start. At 4:20 AM I rode my bike from my hotel to transition. I quickly learned why NYC is nicknamed “the city that never sleeps” as the traffic was just as bad as if it were midday. After not getting killed on the ride over, I set up my transition area and then jogged down to the swim start.

The swim is in the Hudson River and known for its favorable current. The pros were announced, marched down to the starting dock, and then we were sent on our way. The water was pretty choppy, making it hard to swim in a straight line. I crashed into the guys next to me several times and also took an unintentional (I hope) punch to the nose. As things started to thin out after a few hundred meters a lead pack had formed of 4 guys about 10 meters ahead of me. I focused on closing down the gap and did so pretty quickly. I felt very comfortable, so I decided to make a move. I swung outside on the right and took the lead. I was hoping to slip by unnoticed but soon thereafter the pack had moved over and gotten on my feet. I tried to keep the pace high, and I led out of the water for the first time in my career in such a high profile race.

After the 800 meters run to t1, I got out on my bike. Philip Ospaly, the eventual race winner, passed me on the run to t1, so I headed out in 2nd. Very early on into the ride I was going around a sharp turn where the pavement was rough. I hit a bump and my back wheel started fishtailing. I crashed pretty hard but luckily wasn’t going too fast. Seconds later I was back on my bike. I did my bike assessment first. Was everything working okay? I had to open up my front brake as my wheel had started rubbing. Then I did my body assessment. I had sharp pains in my hip and wrist and a few scratches on my knees and elbows. I would press on. Feeling a little flustered, guys started passing me. It took me until about halfway through the ride to start feeling okay again. I settled in with a (legal) pack of 4 guys. I was sitting in about 9th place. I hung out there until we got off the bike.

Immediately my hip locked up. I slowly shuffled out of transition, hoping the pain would fade. Eventually I just stopped to rest it. Was it even worth continuing? I slowly started limping along again hoping it would loosen up. When I got out on 72nd street I could see 4 guys up ahead in the distance. This provided a little motivation and I picked up the pace of my shuffle as we headed to central park. Just past the 1 mile mark I passed a couple guys and moved into 7th. My hip was gradually beginning to loosen up. By mile 3 I felt like what I was doing was actually starting to resemble running. I moved into 6th place. Prize money only went 5 deep, so I started making a big push to catch 5th place, which was 25 seconds up the road. I could hammer the hills, but my hip hurt too badly to open up my stride on the down hills. My pace was continuing to get faster and faster – the hip was definitely loosening up. I hit mile 5 less than 10 seconds away from 5th place. I continued closing in and made the pass about a half mile later. For the first time I felt like I could push the pace and threw in a surge to make sure he wouldn’t try to come with me. It worked and I was able to hold on to 5th place.

Definitely a tough day at the office! I left NY with a sore nose, wrist, hip, and lower back and had scrapes on both knees and elbows. At least I was able to end the day on a positive note.

Thanks for reading. More updates on my future plans to come. As always, thank you so much to friends and family and especially my sponsors — Fitwerx, Parlee, FuelBelt, Team Psycho, TYR, and PowerBar — for staying behind me during such a tough, bad-luck-ridden season.

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