Keep on keepin’ on!

Posted on July 20, 2010


After a somewhat disappointing first half to the year things are beginning to turn around. I basically raced more than any other American but somehow slid backwards in the rankings. I mean, by May I had already been to Chile, Ecuador, Australia for 3 weeks, South Korea, and all over the U.S. I struggled with bike crashes, food poisoning, nutritional problems, and other success-hindering roadblocks. Now that I’ve resolved all those issues (except for crashing 🙂   ) the good results are slowly starting to filter in. My race in Coteau du Lac was a breakthrough as I was able to perfectly execute my race plan and had no nutritional difficulties. I ran well enough to earn a podium finish. That was something to build on — it gave me confidence. This past weekend in New York, while I should have done better, I’m very pleased with the result given the bike crash. It wasn’t easy limping my way back into the top-5 on a busted hip… It has been a hectic year so far for sure. My race schedule literally changes every week depending on what races I can get into. It’s rough when you’re ranking is hovering around #6-10 American (the US has 6 slots at each WCS race). I can never plan too far ahead. Despite everything I’ve been lucky to have a great coach who is able to keep me focused and doesn’t get frustrated with my disastrous races. I’m also lucky to have a great family that doesn’t mind me running up the grocery bill well into the triple digits on a weekly basis. Furthermore, I have some amazing sponsors — Fitwerx, Team Psycho, and Parlee in particular, who have really helped me out of some jams this year. When my bike was stolen from Chula Vista (did I mention that on here? I don’t think I did) Parlee rushed me a new frame and Fitwerx worked tirelessly to build it up the morning before I left for Canada so that I could race on it. I can’t thank them enough.

So here’s the game plan for the next few weeks: I’m going to race locally. Definitely Marlborough, probably Gloucester, too. The next big race will be in August — ITU WCS Kitzbuhel, Austria if I can get in. If not I may go to South Korea for a continental cup or just train until the Chicago Tri on Aug 29. The way this year has gone, 1 month is way too far away to make any definite plans, so who knows. I’ve gone back into a base phase to get ready for the 2nd half of the season. I’ll put on a few pounds, take a break from grain windows, and maybe even enjoy a few Harpoon UFO’s.

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