Gloucester Race Report

Posted on August 23, 2010


First out of the water in Gloucester

A couple weekends ago I raced the Gloucester Fisherman’s Triathlon. Like Marlboro, I went into the race the defending champion. And also like Marlboro, the competition was much stiffer this year. Last year the race came down to a 3-man battle between Dean Phillips, Tony Delogne, and myself. I knew I was much stronger this year, so I was hoping that it wouldn’t come down to the wire again.

The 1/3 mile swim got underway, and I took the lead after rounding the first buoy. Andy Noble was in 2nd, not too far behind – that is until he took a wrong turn and lost major ground. I hammered the swim and built up about a minute lead on the chase pack. Since the bike course was less hilly and less technical (and shorter) than Marlboro I knew it would favor the power riders. I made the long run out of the water to my transition area, ripped off my wetsuit, and took off with my Parlee TT bike.

As soon as I got out on the road I felt great. I was able to push it immediately and settled into a heart rate in the mid to low 170s. There were some hilly sections on this course in the back half of the ride, so I tried to save a little something for those. I continued to hammer down the streets of Gloucester. There is an out-and-back section right around the halfway mark, so I was able to get a little look at my competition. Dean and Chris Bagg were both about 35 seconds behind me. I knew the 2nd half of the course would favor me, so I was hoping that my lead would be big enough to come off the bike in first. I hit the hills and gave it everything I had. There were some fast downhill sections where I was forced to be a little cautious as I couldn’t see around the quickly-approaching curves in the road. When I hit the flat road back to transition I was still in the lead. I entered t2 in first, quickly transitioned into my run shoes and took off just as Dean was approaching.

Just like the previous week I felt great on the run. I knew I had the race won, but that didn’t deter me from giving it my all. I ran the tangents in the road and tried to work the hills especially hard. I was averaging just under 5:00 per mile, which is flying for me. I surged as I got closer to the finish. It was a great feeling to come running down Main St. in the lead for the 2nd year in a row. Like last year, the crowd support was great and I felt like a celebrity with the thunderous applause. I finished in just over 51 minutes, well ahead of 2nd place Chris Bagg. 2 wins in 2 weeks with over 50 hours of training in that time frame!

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