Where did the Summer Go?

Posted on October 5, 2010


All of a sudden the leaves are orange and I have to put on knee warmers to ride outside! After the New York City Triathlon in July I went back into a 4 week base phase. Those were a busy 4 weeks – 2 local races plus over 100 hours of training. After that it was time to start racing again and I traveled to Chicago, Pacific Grove California, and Tuscaloosa Alabama. Sometime in this time frame fall snuck up on me, and when I got back from the 90+ degree heat of Tuscaloosa I was shocked to be greeted by temperatures in the mid-50s and 60s. This was particularly disturbing because I was planning to try to acclimate to the heat in preparation for my upcoming races in Mexico (Huatulco World Cup Oct 10 & Puerto Vallarta Pan Am Champs Oct 17). I’ve had to improvise and have been doing my intense bike workouts on the trainer bundled up in way too much clothing for indoors. These sessions have been torturous, but I’m making progress in learning how to not get stomach cramps in the extreme heat.

Me with my Minuteman/New Wave crew

Towards the end of the summer I was able to compete in a couple single-sport events: the Butterfly 5k on Aug 22nd and the Mighty Merrimack Mile Swim on Sep 5. Both races went well. I took 2nd in the 5k in a time of 15:10. The competition surprised me a bit as I found myself in 4th place at the 1 mile mark (coming through in 4:39, slightly downhill 1st mile). I had to fight my way back into 2nd. During the Merrimack Swim it was a completely different story as I led from the start and built up a lead of a couple minutes by the time I finished. I believe the course was a bit long (because normally I’m faster than 22 minutes). At any rate, if was fun to mix up my training schedule with these races.

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