What I did on my Offseason

Posted on November 30, 2010


Finally in Maui

Miami 70.3 was a nice grand finale to my season. I won a little prize money and was in a warm, semi-tropical location to begin my offseason. However, I hadn’t considered the complete devastation my body would be in post-70.3. Instead of hitting the town until all hours of the morning (it was Halloween), I found myself wanting to lie in bed and watch House marathons. The days following the race were some of the most painful that my legs can remember. Going down the stairs was a dreadful experience. Anyway, that ultimately passed and the next thing I knew I was boarding a plane to Maui to meet up with some triathlete friends for a much-needed vacation. I met up with Jen Spieldenner and Amanda Felder. The 4th member of our party, Steve Sexton (who bad luck never spares), came down with a severe case of food poisoning and had to bail on our tropical trication at the last moment. That just left me and the ladies – lucky me! Maui was a lot of fun. We went snorkeling and saw sea turtles and tons of colorful fish, we went on a hike and jumped off a waterfall, we ate fresh sushi, and we drove around all the scenic points of the island. But most of all it was relaxing, and that’s what I was most looking forward to – waking up and eating a leisurely breakfast, drinking coffee all morning and lying on the couch until early afternoon. Not having to mobilize, get ready to do a workout or watch what I was eating. In terms of recovering from a long, stressful season that essentially began 14 months ago; mission accomplished.


Next up was phase two of my vacation. I flew back to San Francisco and met up with two old college roommates who I ran XC/track with. We hung out in Berkeley for a couple nights and then road-tripped up to Eugene, OR to visit another track buddy (the four of us used to live together). The next few nights in Eugene were very eventful. We frequented several bars, played a lot of pool and basically acted like we were in college again. It’s funny how after three years the same jokes are still funny… Anyway, that trip was a blast. I’d been away for two weeks at this point and was beginning to look forward to returning home. Naturally, as soon as I got back to MA I instantly got sick.  I was surprised it had taken that long. After all, I’d been eating junk the whole time, not sleeping a lot, and maybe going a wee bit heavy on the beer. Nevertheless; worth it.

Michigan reunion

So there it is. Some well deserved time off that I’d consider well spent. It was exactly what I needed. I’m refreshed and looking forward to getting back into training. 2011 is a critical year for everyone vying for an Olympic spot. It’s going to be intense, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Enjoying a Longboard Lager

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