iPhone Update: Getting into Training

Posted on February 2, 2011


After three driving-mandated light training days, I finally got back into some hard stuff yesterday. I started off the day with a 5500 yd swim at the NTC. 4500 of it was on a 1:10 base. It was mostly 100s and paddle 200s holding 1:05s and 2:10s. After that I did a 90 min bike ride in Lake Louisa State Park. Main set was 2×20 minutes tempo. The park is perfect for doing intervals. It has very little traffic and the pavement is perfect. Plus, it’s just a 10 minute spin from my duplex. Finally, I ended the day with a 14 mile run on the dirt roads which are about a 10 minute jog to get to. It was pretty humid, too, so I was quite wrecked by the end of the day.

This morning Doug and I were woken up by someone pounding on the outside of our duplex. It turned out to be some maintenance men installing some vinyl siding. Our living quarters now looks a bit more habitable and isn’t such an eye sore. Today was mainly a recovery day to rest up from yesterday. I had the opportunity to get out on the road and explore some Clermont riding a bit more. Tomorrow I’ll get right back into it with a threshold bike and 2 runs. It’ll be a tough day in Lake Louisa State Park and on the dirt trails…

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