iPhone Update: Clermont Life

Posted on February 8, 2011


After my first week of training in Clermont I’m finally getting into a good training groove and getting familiar with the area. Today I did a long bike ride out at the Van Fleet Trail. The VFT is a long, well-paved road that seems to go on forever. It’s dead straight and dead flat and closed to cars. It’s perfect for doing tempo intervals, threshold intervals, endurance rides, recovery rides, and power intervals. Since the trail runs straight through a state forest, the wildlife is quite abundant. Today I saw a bunch of armadillos, wild chickens, hawks, herons, and a few days ago Doug saw an alligator out there! Next time I’m out there I’ll try to snap a pic of a gator.

Oh, and the reason I’m updating my blog with my iPhone is because I currently don’t have a laptop, however, I’ve ordered a MacBook and will pick it up when I return home on Thursday to compete in the Team Psycho Indoor TT on Saturday. I’ve just finished up a 3 week training block, which was kind of skewed a bit due to driving to Florida last week. Nevertheless, I get to look forward to a few days of recovery to get rested up for the TT.

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