Team Psycho Indoor Time Trial ’11

Posted on February 12, 2011


Earlier this afternoon I was able to continue my 3 year indoor TT winning streak. The event took place at an empty car dealership showroom right next to Fastsplits. Since I haven’t done any speed/anaerobic work on the bike yet this year, the time trial brought 21 minutes of pure agony to my lungs and legs. Nevertheless, I was able to get the job done and won my heat by just under a minute.

The setup: 16 computrainers & 1 giant projection screen

The TT played out like this: Over the opening seven or so minutes I crept up from 5th place into the lead. Feeling surprisingly good at first, I pushed the pace early, trying to extend my lead and hold the predetermined power that Jesse had prescribed. I had a comfy lead built up 10-11 minutes in. Then things got painful — my legs started to burn and I felt like I was at max HR (in reality it was only about 97-98% of max). So by the time I was halfway done I was in the pain cave and hurting bad! I backed off a bit and tried to focus on smooth cadence and finding a rhythm. It didn’t seem to work. My average power dropped a bit between 10 and 20 minutes. Luckily I was far enough ahead that it didn’t matter. Around 16-19 minutes, the second and third place riders — Pat Wheeler and Steve Bosic — seemed to be holding their distance between me. Finally, at 20 minutes, I kicked in what little I had left in the tank and held around 400 watts for the final 60-90 seconds. I finished in 21:27, a little bit faster than my performance on the same virtual course in 2009.


Me and P-Dubs went 1-2 in the 'A' heat

After the TT I had the pleasure of hopping back on the bike and riding for two hours in the Fastsplits ride studio. They have a cool setup. My legs were pretty useless after the TT effort, though. After that it was back home to Lowell for a 35 minute run. Now I’m pretty wrecked! It was a solid day indeed.

Results from the A heat

Tomorrow all I have on the training front is an hour run. After that I’ll head to the airport for a (hopefully) quick flight back to Orlando. Jarrod has organized a “Clermont athletes’ dinner” for tomorrow night, so after Doug picks me up from the airport we’ll head over there. (Hey, Doug, it’s cool if you pick me up from the airport tomorrow right???)   🙂

Final results


Another victory for the z5

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