Crit Course Training

Posted on February 18, 2011


Monday marked the start of my next four week training block. I’m finally adding in speed work! The Team Psycho Time Trial was a complete shock to my system after having not done any sort of interval above threshold. While exploring the riding around my duplex I’ve found an awesome area to do some race specific intervals. There’s a small subdivision about two miles away where the houses haven’t been built yet. I can make a 3-4 minute loop in this small neighborhood, and it’s pretty technical. It’s basically my own personal crit course. I was out there yesterday doing my first intense session on the bike — 8×3 minute power intervals starting at around 350w building to 400w by the end (averaging 24-26 mph). I’ll probably do most of my intervals out there and maybe even try to get a small group together sometime to do some ITU-specific work. Another positive to training in Clermont…

Pic taken from the slight hill on the course

I’m hoping that this subdivision remains undeveloped for as long as possible. Right now there’s only one house under construction. As long as the Florida real estate market remains terrible I’ll have a sweet place to do power intervals on the bike!

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