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Posted on February 20, 2011


For a vast majority of the winter I rode my bike on the trainer in my basement. When you’re in winter cycling mode on the trainer it’s easy to neglect taking care of your bike. I probably went for months without putting lube on my chain. When I got down to Florida and got it outside on the road I definitely noticed that the shifting was a bit “rusty”. “I’d better take care of that”, I thought to myself, but in typical triathlete fashion I continued to ignore it. During a 50 mile ride this past week, when I was shifting down from the big ring, my chain all of a sudden got jammed in the front derailleur and ripped it out of place. After that I couldn’t shift back into my big ring. When I got home I adjusted the limit screws to get it shifting back up into the big ring, but it still was not smooth at all. So I took my bike to EPIC Cycles in Clermont and hoped that they could find something wrong with it. This turned into quite the process! The guys at EPIC checked EVERYTHING: they replaced my cable, made sure the chain wasn’t stretched, checked over the crank, front derailleur, and essentially everything else that has to do with shifting. They called SRAM. They called Parlee. But still — it wasn’t shifting right! The head honcho at EPIC, Jude, worked his butt off on it. He became obsessed with figuring out the problem. Somehow, he noticed a hairline fracture in my front derailleur hangar, which had been flexing every time I tried to shift into the big ring and would cause a delay. Front derailleur hangars aren’t supposed to flex, so this was one of those 1 in 10,000 type problems. He replaced it and BAM — it shifted like new. Now Jude had spent many, many hours of labor working on this problem, which at this point had become a very expensive problem. He knew that I was a struggling pro triathlete, and he worked with me on the final bill so that it was something I could actually afford. It was an incredibly generous thing to do. I’m extremely lucky that he understood where I was coming from. Without people like this, struggling triathletes would have a much harder time. So I want to say THANKS to EPIC Cycles! They have my business while I’m training in Clermont, and if you’re in Clermont you should go there too!

2400 S. Hwy 27, Clermont

Sponsorship News

Me before my win at Pacific Grove, CA


In other news, I’m happy to announce that I’m signing on with TYR for another year! I saw big improvements to my swimming this year, and they are no doubt in part to racing in the best wetsuits, swim skins, and race suits. In 2010 I never missed a front pack in an ITU race. I was even top-10 coming out of the water at a World Cup and got into a swim breakaway at the Pan-Am Champs. I led out of the water at the New York City Triathlon, several local races, and  Miami 70.3. When I’m not training, I live in TYR’s warmups. They’re extremely comfortable and stylish. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to continue working with such an awesome company!

Exiting the water at Miami 70.3

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