Let the Speed Work Begin!

Posted on February 25, 2011


Last week marked the start of my speed phase, but yesterday was the first day that I really got into some “fast” workouts. My day started at the NTC for a 4k swim with 3x10x25 all out Tabata sprints. I had a quick lunch and then it was onto the bike for some crit course intervals. I did 8×3 minutes at 370 – 400 watts. Finally, I had a run workout directly off the bike. After a 20 minute warmup I did 8 x 1/4 mile on the clay trails. I ran them all between 65 – 68. It was quite a shock to my system after doing nothing faster than 5:50 mile pace up until this point.

To make everything harder and continue with my heat acclimation training, I was grossly overdressed for each workout. It was 80 degrees and sunny out. On the bike I wore long tights, a long sleeve base-layer, and a winter cycling jacket. For the run I was decked out in black tights, and a thick long-sleeved black shirt + a winter hat. I get the strangest looks from people when I run around wearing winter gear in 80 degree weather. But I have to say I really think that the heat acclimation training is working. The research indicates that your body begins making significant adaptations to deal with the hot conditions after about 10-14 days. This falls in line with what I’m experiencing. I started this heat training 10 days ago, and the fact that my performance didn’t seem to suffer through yesterdays’ workouts is a good sign. Progress! Today my workouts were pretty easy to recover from yesterday and get ready for an epic 6+ hour training day tomorrow.

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