Update from Somewhere over South America

Posted on March 17, 2011


I’m writing this en route to my second race of the year: the ITU Santiago, Chile Pan-American Cup. The week of training post Clermont Sprint was incredibly productive with lots of run miles and group rides. I did a 2 hr ride with 5×5 minutes hard in a paceline with Sexton (who was hanging around Clermont for a week after the race) and Canadian AP (although AP flatted on the 2nd interval).  On one of my easy days I met up to ride with a few spring-breakers from Bryant College, and on the weekend I did some of my long ride with Jarrod’s posse. But this week the focus was on recovery as I get ready to perform well in Chile. My legs are feeling surprisingly good given how much I ran last week. I also got a massage on Tuesday, which helped to freshen me up.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have a lot of training to do this week because the past 48 hours have been a bit hectic. My iPhone randomly died on me a couple days ago so I’ve been unable to receive calls or texts. Also, my roommate for this Chilean race cancelled on me last night. This left me scrambling as I tried to change my hotel reservation (unsuccessfully) at 10:30 PM. And then this morning I was up at 4:45 AM to drive to Orlando in time for my 8:04 AM flight to Panama City, Panama. I’m currently on the 6-hour flight from Panama to Santiago and finally feel like I can begin to relax mentally before the race.

I’m pretty excited for this weekend. I’m going into the race ranked 6th. In a pre-Olympic year nearly all races, even South American Continental Cups, become very competitive, so if I could come home with a top-6 it would help my ranking out a lot. Looking at the start list there are a lot of good swimmers, so the chances of a breakaway in the water is high. I need to be there!


In other news, I was recently interviewed by ThatRunnerChick.com (aka Courtney). Courtney has a popular running/food/girly-stuff blog. This is probably one of the biggest and most in-depth interviews I’ve ever done. The topics discussed range from the start of my triathlon career to what products I use in my hair. It is definitely worth a read!


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