Great Videos from Mooloolaba

Posted on March 29, 2011


The ITU Mooloolaba, Australia World cup is one of the longest standing World Cups in the sport of ITU triathlon. All the big names in the sport have raced there. It’s a challenging course, it’s always competitive, and the hot & humid conditions make it even harder. The Aussies have a great tradition of performing well in Mooloolaba. I raced there last year and barely survived. If you’re cracking the top 10 or 15, especially in a pre-Olympic year, you’re definitely legit! The Mooloolaba World Cup took place this past weekend and the Aussies didn’t disappoint with Brad Kahlefeldt and Brendan Sexton going 1-2 and Courtney Atkinson also finishing in the top-10. Before the race Atkinson had a small video camera mounted to his bike below the aerobars. He got some awesome footage. This video began circulating on twitter and was retweeted by just about every legit triathlete who tweets. Next, it made its rounds on the Slowtwitch forums and ultimately the Slowtwitch and Xtri homepages. I also saw Atkinson tweet that it was the 19th most watched Youtube Video in Australia a couple days ago. For a homemade tri vid, that’s awesome!

Also, Brit triathlete Liz Blatchford made a cool video that included footage of training in Australia the week before the race and the race itself. It’s very cool and gaining popularity. Triathletes are multi-talented people!

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