Into the Summer

Posted on June 22, 2011


I apologize for not updating my blog for a while. I can’t say that I’ve been wicked busy, slightly lazy maybe be more accurate. Alas, here is a brief summary of all my significant triathlon-related events of the past couple months in chronological order:

  • New Orleans 70.3
  • Windermere Roadies Group Rides
  • Leaving FL and heading back up North
  • New Bedford 5k
  • Racing Plans

NOLA 70.3

This race wasn’t a disaster, but it certainly wasn’t impressive by any means. I was 17th place in this incredibly competitive 70.3. I came into transition the morning of the race to learn that the swim had been cancelled. This effectively turned NOLA 70.3 into a 69.1 and took out the segment of the race which I was needing to put a couple minutes into the good cyclists. The race was now slated to be started in a time-trial format, with each pro being started 30 seconds apart. I was one of the last pro’s to start and rode the 56-mile course almost exclusively in no-man’s land. My bike split was 2:16, much too slow when compared to the 2:08-2:10 that a majority of the top guys rode. I think I could’ve pushed the bike a bit harder, maybe hit 2:14, but those guys are simply fast and I don’t have a lot of 70.3 experience. I got off the bike and proceeded to lock into 5:38 mile pace, finishing the half marathon with a 1:14:20 split. Every single mile I ran was between 5:35 and 5:45. Very consistent, solid run — this was a nice surprise! It’s kind of ironic because in the weeks leading up to the race we backed off the run volume and focused more on the bike. Nevertheless, I was happy to post the 4th fastest run split of the day, but my bike was slow enough to make me a non-factor. I left NOLA with some positives and a good sense of what I need to work on. However, I’m back in ITU mode for the rest of the year and probably won’t address my 70.3 limiters until sometime in the distant future.

Windermere Roadies Group Rides

Upon my return to Clermont from New Orleans I began ITU specific training. This included two competitive group rides per week. The Windermere Roadies are central Florida’s premier unofficial cycling club. Their rides are filled with lots of Cat 1/2 racers, pro triathletes, and every now and then a couple pro cyclists show up. I began doing the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening rides. The first couple rides I did I was able to get in a two-man breakaway each time, but each time neither the rider I was with or I had memorized the route, so we ended up going off course and having to back track. Lesson learned. After that the rides became much more competitive and at times it was a struggle for me just to stay with the front group. Nevertheless, these rides were awesome workouts and I know that I improved my pack riding and cycling skills a ton. I’ve found a similarly competitive group to ride with in MA, too. I have to say I just love riding with cyclists and I look forward to these rides every week more than any other workout.

Leaving FL and heading back up North

Finally, on May 17th I left Clermont and made the drive back to Lowell, MA. Trip highlight: I ran through a Fast Lane toll booth in New York City (I don’t have the pass). Oops.

New Bedford 5k

When I returned to Lowell I hosted another ITU triathlete, Zach Britton, for a week while he searched for a place in the Boston area for the summer. Zach just switched to my coach, Jesse, and is going to be training in MA for the summer to adjust to the new training program before he goes back to law school in the fall. On May 29 Zach and I went down to New Bedford for a 5k fitness check. I wasn’t particularly fresh going into the race, but I thought sub-15 was a reasonable goal. The only other real competition there was Ben Ndaya, a Kenyan who now lives in Chelmsford, MA. I’ve raced him a few times before. When the race got underway Ben and I went through the first mile in 4:46. Right on pace. He was tucked in right behind my shoulder trying to get a good draft. The pace was a bit high for him, however, and I was able to shake him just before the 2 mile mark. Second mile was 4:48 and I was still feeling good. Things were on target, but with about a half mile to go, as I was going up a slight incline back to the finish, my legs began to fail me and I slowed down big time. I was all alone at this point so I didn’t have to worry about anyone else. But that last quarter mile was painful! And I finished in a relatively slow 15:22. I think that my legs were a bit more fatigued than I had anticipated going into the race – I had done 3 hard rides earlier in the week. In sum, not the time I wanted but I won $125 and I can’t complain about that 🙂

Racing Plans

  • June 26 Sunday: ITU Coteau-du-lac Continental Cup, (just outside of Montreal) Canada
  • July 9 Saturday: ITU San Francisco Continental Cup
  • July 23 Saturday: Nantucket Triathlon
Will hopefully update on a more regular basis!
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