2012 Team Psycho Time Trial

Posted on February 28, 2012


A few weeks ago I competed in the Team Psycho Indoor Bike Time Trial. Every winter since 2008 I’ve had the opportunity to test out my fitness (and pain tolerance) at one of these virtual races. The format is that there are 16 computrainers all hooked up to a couple flat screen TV’s, and you virtually race the other riders in real time on the TV’s above. It’s a fun event. In fact, any event that Team Psycho puts on tends to be a lot of fun – mostly because of the presence of several cases of Harpoon beer…

Because my 2012 season started so early, in January, I’ve had a fair amount of speed work under my belt. Usually when I come into these TT events in February, I’m fresh off a large block of aerobic work, and the all-out nature of a 20 minute time trial is a grueling shock to my system. This year, however, was a different story. Having done a host of tough, anaerobic workouts, I found myself having to hold back my wattage in the first few minutes of the effort. As I pulled away from the competitors in my heat, I felt very much in control. My heart rate and effort level were steady, and I liked the power numbers I saw coming from my SRM.

Things were on track. 15 minutes into the TT, I was leading my heat and I was right on target to erase the fastest time of the day, which currently was held by Cort Cramer who rode in an earlier heat. I felt like I had saved enough energy to make a sustained 400-500 watt sprint in the last minute or so. Fast Splits owner Dave Nerrow screamed that Cort and I were at exactly the same point on the virtual course right at the 20 minute mark. I didn’t know whether or not this was true (Dave just likes to yell at me), but it was the motivation I needed to kick things into overdrive and begin my final push to the finish. It was a success and I posted the fastest time of the day 21:33, about 15 seconds ahead of Cort. It was a nice, solid effort, and it showed improvement from the previous year on this same virtual course.

2011 Data

2012 Data

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